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Discovering Battersea's Open Spaces

Discover Open SpacesAs well as  Battersea Park and Clapham and Wandsworth Commons our neighbourhood is lucky enough to have a score of smaller green spaces often tucked away on back streets and easy to overlook. Some of them are very near to each other, forming green chains or clusters; this gave the Battersea Society’s Open Spaces Committee the idea of linking them together in a series of walks and publishing those as a booklet. It was written by Committee Chair Clare Graham who planned out the routes within her daily exercise during lockdown.

The 26-page booklet contains six individual walks, each mapped as double-spreads by Karen Horan, visiting between them all of Battersea's public open spaces, such as the one pictured below. The routes also pass by and mention some of the area's more interesting buildings. Additionally there’s a detailed map of Battersea Park, as well as a fold-out map showing the whole of Battersea, with public transport links for the start and end points of each walk.

Battersea woods within Clapham Common
Battersea Woods, within Clapham Common

 Hopefully it will encourage some healthy New Year's Resolutions too. We're still allowed to take exercise despite all the other restrictions we're undergoing. The guides are just £5 each (including p&p).

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