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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 10 September 2019 at 07:54:42

South London Mail Centre, Plot F & G: 2019/2325

The Battersea Society is concerned that the Daylight Report set out within this application suggests that the increased density applied for within Application 2019/2250 has resulted in unacceptable levels of daylight and sunlight for Plots E, F and G; and that the aggregation of all blocks within the report obscures potentially significant differences within the different blocks – in particular those set aside for affordable housing within Plots E and F.   

The report states that:

The results given on pages 16-151 show that 71% (1529 out of 2158) of the habitable rooms within the Development will see levels of ADF that either meet or exceed the BRE recommendations. Plot E sees 67% of its rooms meeting the BRE recommendation for ADF whilst Plot F sees 74% and Plot G sees 87%.

It is essential that officers request data for individual blocks within E and F to see whether the lower rates for these blocks compared with Block G result from significantly poorer measures for the affordable housing blocks.

We note that block F1 sits alongside E4 facing New Mill Road and also has a ground floor dedicated to servicing for the whole Plot F

Unit Mix, Plots F and G (planning statement, p.14).  These plots provide small units with Plot F having just 16.6% of the market units having 3 bedrooms with 56.6% two and 26.9% either studio or 1 bedroom.   We object to the fact that 50% of the intermediate rented and 45.5% of the shared ownership units are 1-bed.  Plot G has just under 32% studio or 1 bedroom units with the majority of the rest being 2 bedroom.

We urge the Council to seek a better mix to ensure the added size of the development, added to the preponderance of small units, does not result in a congested and unpleasant place to live.

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