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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 13 December 2017 at 16:15:59

Vauxhall Bus Station

The Battersea Society objects strongly to the TfL proposals for a replacement bus station on the following grounds: 

a) Need for an integrated approach of road, bus station and island development:  the decision to demolish the existing bus station should not be made in advance of any re-design of the gyratory and agreement of final proposals for the island site (as put out for consultation by the current developers in September 2017). The bus station and movement of users around the site has to be set in the context of the buildings’ footprint.  Proposals for the gyratory, the island site and changes to the bus station should be linked, and full plans with time-scales set down for these before Lambeth Council approve any changes. 

b) Transport concerns: we fully support Wandsworth Council’s objections on the ground of traffic implications of these proposals. If this redevelopment is agreed at this very early stage we foresee months if not years of disruption at this heavily trafficked public transport interchange for no public benefit.  It will have a negative impact on the Vauxhall Nine Elms development and is likely, deservedly, to bring both Lambeth Council and TfL into disrepute amongst a very wide travelling public.  

c) User safety and convenience: as part of this concern we consider the internal pedestrian crossings dangerous given the likely pedestrian flows at peak hours. In particular the proposed distribution of bus stops could lead to passengers who are changing buses running blindly across the road between stops in order to catch a bus standing at a distant stop.  We cannot understand why Lambeth Council are rushing this through committee the day before the Christmas break and with the layout of the bus stops only posted on the application site on 30 November. We have concerns about the precise siting of the bus stops and will make these points separately to TfL. In addition we consider the location of the urinal adjacent to the internal road crossings totally inappropriate, (although content for it to remain somewhere within the bus station site as at present). 

d) Lack of an EIA: We understand there has been no environmental impact study.  Given the current pollution levels, possible further deterioration and the Mayor’s proper concern about this issue, this is inconceivable and should merit a calling-in of any decision to approve. 

e) Building design Finally we consider the designs of the information and mess buildings, althoughdescribed as an iconic structure on the corner of the new interchange, fail to reflect the character of Vauxhall Cross and are a poor follow-on to the strong roof outline currently on the site. The building will be competing with the surrounding high density towers and the drawings did not convince us that the interchange would stand out amongst these