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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 12 February 2018 at 18:40:59

Winstanley Estate: Land North of Grant Road: 2017/6864

The Battersea Society welcomes this application as a signal that, after years of uncertainty, development related to the regeneration of the Winstanley Estate is actually going forward. Nevertheless, we have a number of comments and reservations about the proposals as follow. We would like to thank the regeneration team for talking through the proposals with us.

The submission of these proposals ahead of any approved masterplan make it difficult to assess how they sit in relation to York Gardens and the proposed new blocks. The proposals diverge from anything suggested for development along Grant Road in earlier consultations. Fortunately the current exhibition and consultation mounted by the regeneration team provides some indication of the likely final Masterplan layout and we understand that there will now be a hybrid application later in the year. On the basis of the recent exhibition it is clear that relocating the church and school and an early block for social renting tenants is needed to kick start the regeneration. We support this in principle and hope that approval of the final Masterplan can go forward swiftly and offer early rehousing for residents on the estate.

We have some misgivings about block A. In particular we note the concerns of the residents of Time House and consider further work is needed in relation to potential loss of light for those in lower level flats. We are concerned that all the social rented units in this phase are in block A which has been located facing onto the busy Plough Road. The street entry for some raises concerns about security and poor air quality for those units. Some amendment to the orientation of this block would address these concerns.

We feel it is regrettable that there is no mix of tenures in block C as is being proposed for the new mansion type blocks elsewhere on the Winstanley regeneration. The GLA committee
paper which reported on the application suggested some reworking of the viability assessments to give a higher overall figure of affordable units. We also support the comments made in the GLA committee paper arguing for equivalent quality of design and materials for blocks A and C.

Both the school and church could generate parking and congestion issues along Grant Road at peak times. We are not convinced that with the expansion of the school and the complementary community uses, the current modal split will remain as forecast. We hope that care is taken to ensure the nominated priority disabled parking spaces are not used for general drop off and collections and there is sufficient provision for the latter.

Service and delivery vehicles waiting near block C could cause congestion around Winstanley Road corner from Grant Road. We feel further thought should be given to whether the servicing area for that block could be off road to the rear.

We note the comments by the Design Review Panel about the need for further design development work and we trust that this will done and presented to the DRP before building begins.

In conclusion it is clear that the need to get ahead, which we understand, has led to there being further detailed work needed on aspects of this application as noted by ourselves above, by the DRP and by other comments. We trust that any approval acknowledges this.

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