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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 8 February 2016 at 13:32:57

41-49 and 49-59 Battersea Park Road, 2015/6813

The Battersea Society is broadly supportive of these proposals and were encouraged by the conversations we had with the applicant and their architects at the public exhibition.

At the time we were told of the ambition of the applicant to retain ownership of the development and to build as the proposals, rather than to sell on with the possible changes to design and finish which might result from this.

We share the concern of the Design Review Panel (DRP) for the need for any planning consent to be conditional on standards of finish and design. We were pleased to note the emphasis on linkages through from the Linear Park and across to the river but feel that these are not yet fully worked through.  Overall there is a disappointing lack of co-ordination between developers and we fear the highway and streetscape will remain somewhat barren and densely trafficked with a narrow linear park struggling for identity.

On this we share the concern of the DRP and others about the proposal to take down mature trees and recommend that mature replacement trees be specified as a condition of planning consent.

Finally we are disappointed at the proposals for affordable housing.  We acknowledge that numerically the proposals achieve 14.9% but in terms of bed spaces offered (excluding the 2 studios) this drops to 14%.  We urge the Council to require the same publically accessible viability information now required by Greenwich Council.

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