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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 2 July 2018 at 12:07:53

Big Yellow Storage Redevelopment Battersea

Response from the Battersea Society

We welcomed the opportunity to meet the Big Yellow team again and talk through how their ideas have developed since the first consultation of the Lombard Road/York Road site. We support the objectives of the redevelopment of the site as set out in section 4 of your consultation response form.  We welcome the inclusion of a range of uses in the main storage unit block.

We preferred the style and layout of the revised scheme as compared with the earlier proposal. In particular, putting the higher element on the corner of York and Lombard Roads offers a stronger street scene. We also welcome the wider pavement onto York Road and the reduction in height of the tallest building.

We strongly support the proposal to allocate 35% of units as social rented housing and would consider it a failure if this figure was to be reduced as the development rolled out. We especially support the concept of access for all residents to the communal open area. 

We hope that it will be possible for the company to explore the suggestion that we put to them of providing storage space for residents in the basement of the residential blocks.

We were concerned that there should be adequate dropping off space and temporary parking bays for deliveries within the interior road serving the development. Care needs to be taken that the development does not give rise to ad hoc temporary parking on either Lombard or York Roads.

As with all developments in the area we wish to affirm our concern regarding transport and road capacity.  We accept that there is public transport accessibility; however existing bus and rail services are under considerable pressure, and this before much of the York Road/Lombard Road developments are occupied.  We were astonished to be told that TfL considers there is sufficient capacity.


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