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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 1 June 2017 at 11:37:37

Events on Clapham Common, 2017/2631

The Battersea Society objects to this application on the grounds that there is insufficient information provided.  It is not possible to judge the impact of the proposed events on the Common or on the surrounding residents.  We note, and support, the following comment posted on the Lambeth Council planning website.

"This application should not have been validated. It is unacceptable for a decision to be made on such an important issue that affects so many people to be made on such a vague and undefined proposal. The application should include a list of constraints that define limits on the issues that affect the regular users of the common and the people that live in the immediately surrounding area. This should include plans indicating the location of areas of the common where it is considered acceptable for these events to take place. The maximum size of each area should be defined. The frequency of events should be defined. The acoustic level limits should be defined. The time limits on events should be defined. The maximum number of people at any one event should be defined, etc, etc. In each case it is the worst case scenario that should be defined and some consideration given to penalties on the commercial companies involved that are found not to comply with these limitations." 

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