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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 5 January 2018 at 10:04:35

Peabody Development, 2017/5837

The Battersea Society is disappointed at the need to increase the height of some blocks, and has reservations about elements of the plans, however we consider that the changes have led to some significant improvements being made compared to the approved plans.  We see these as: 

  • changes to the internal traffic layout and access to the under-croft parking in plot 6

  • redesigned frontage of the units onto Comyn Street and around the corner into Burridge Gardens.  This provides greater privacy for residents through the enclosed central courtyard while providing more planting on the street corner

  • provision of the extra care units

  • incorporation of solar panels on roofs across the scheme 

Unit Size:  We have reservations about the shift in profile of unit size towards 1 and 2 bedroom flats for all categories.  In the case of market units this may be due to financing difficulties for buyers, but we are concerned at the number of small flats being built in Battersea.  There is a danger that the borough is becoming increasingly a place of transient communities with couples having to move away if they require more space for a family.  We do not know if these bedrooms allow for twin beds but it is unrealistic to think that a one-bedroom, two-person unit can be used by other than co-habiting partners.

Lift over-runs clad in anodised aluminium cladding panels:  We dislike the effect of these on the existing buildings.  At the exhibition it was suggested that these might be re-clad in brick.  It is disappointing to learn that, rather than improving the existing aluminium boxes, at least one of the new blocks will have aluminium cladding to match the two already built.  These are widely visible even though not directly on the border of the conservation area.  We expect the Council and the architects to use some initiative regarding the streetscape rather than waiting to see if any one other than ourselves complains.

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