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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 2 February 2021 at 08:47:54

Battersea Power Station Future Planning Consultation

Response from the Battersea Society


were disappointed that this appears to be only a partial consultation to register an intent to make changes to the masterplan.  The timing we have been given suggests that the next stage, following the Power Station receipt of the response from Arup, will be a planning application rather than an opportunity for the public to comment on that response.

If correct, while we appreciate current difficulties, this would not meet the standard of public involvement we have come to expect from the BPSDC team in that there are no substantive proposals to comment upon.

The presentation was helpful for those newer to the development to catch up with progress to date.  We applaud the community work done by the team and for their continued helpful engagement with the Battersea Society and others.

In the spirit of trying to be helpful our comments below, therefore, set out what we hope to see within the revised plans, related to the Project opportunities within the brief to Arup.

1. Synergies with the wider area

We applaud this and hope that this will include active engagement with site owners on neighbouring sites, including the Kirtling and Cringle Street area (identified in the draft Local Plan as a potential neighbourhood), and with the owners of the Waste transfer station to see what can be done to further the discussions for a joint development.

It is important that there is permeability with neighbouring sites, along the riverside and across to the communities to the south of Battersea Park Road.

2.  Placemaking

We would hope that any development meets the aims set out within this roundel but it is not yet clear what this will mean in practice.

We applaud the work that is being done in relation to the heritage of the Power Station and with the planned return of the crane.  We campaigned hard for the retention of the pumping station and would like new plans to cover the site’s heritage more widely, beyond the Power Station building. 

3.  Sustainable Approach and 6.  Deliverable:  efficient blocks and buildings

We cannot stress too highly our support for the highest standards in relation to energy and to construction.  At some stage we would welcome a presentation on plans for the site overall.

5. Additional massing and GFA

The existing site is dense, with the Power Station visible only in glimpses from most aspects other than directly from the Embankment  to the north.  We consider it vital that building footprints in total remain within the parameters of the Vinoly plan, with at least the same amount of open space.  Ideally buildings should be set back so as not to obscure views of the Power Station from the east as, sadly, is the case with the larger building to the west.  We would be pleased if there were more open space within the footprint of the new buildings but this should be in addition to open space.

7.  Flexibility of Use

It is hard to comment on this until clearer plans come forward.  We would like to see a public library within Nine Elms as well as publically available sports facilities – not least an Olympic standard swimming pool.  Community facilities would be welcome, as would medical facilities covering not just a GP practice but dentistry, physiotherapy and other out-patient facilities both within the NHS and, perhaps, also working with a private provider such as the Lister. 

8.  Reduced cost and increased viability

We are delighted to see this and trust that, in line with their earlier comments, the Power Station will take the opportunity to revert to at least the minimum 15% affordable housing promised for the development overall.  It would be a huge disappointment if this scheme offered no affordable housing to the north of Battersea Park Road.