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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 2 July 2018 at 12:06:23

Pensbury Place Transfer station: 2018/1959

The Battersea Society consider it essential that before a decision is taken on this application additional information is provided by the applicants on the real impact of the significant increase in vehicle movements around the site. We consider it misleading that the applicants base their case for negligible, or very limited, impact of the redeveloped facility on the fact that they would be working below the maximum capacity already permitted, when actual throughput at present is so far below that maximum. Clearly there will be a very significant increase in activity and its related traffic.

We accept that the site is identified as part of the Stewart's Lane industrial area where the approved policies allow for intensification of use and is designated in the SSAD as a major waste management centre. Nor do we have any concerns about the proposed design of buildings and access within the site. However we would ask the PAC to seek greater clarification of the parameters used for assessing traffic movement impact as negligible as set out in section 13.5.9 forward on severance in Chapter 13: Transport of the Environmental Statement and further accepted as such in the summary Chapter 14 of that document. It seems odd that for a small narrow street such as Pensbury Place daily movements of 613 per day are considered to have negligible 'severence' impact given that current daily levels are between 14 and 35 (table 13.2).  We note with regret that there is no statement of community involvement with either local businesses or residents.

As with other large applications, we also have concerns about the aggregate effect of all new developments in and around the Opportunity Area on traffic on the main arteries. While only a 1% increase on Wandsworth Road is suggested as the growth due to this facility, this would be alongside many other additional pressures on Wandsworth Road and other feeder routes to the site and needs to be assessed within the total likely growth in the area.

We urge that this application is refused until proper comparison is provided of the current position against projected traffic movements and their impact

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