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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 24 March 2017 at 08:18:57

Candle Factory, 100 – 110 York Road, 2017/0745

The Battersea Society objects to elements of this application and considers that it should be recommended for refusal by the May Planning Applications Committee  (PAC).  Our objections relate to:

Affordable Housing:  There is no commitment to any level of affordable housing, merely a document informing the reader that there are many affordable housing policies in place, that the new housing will contribute to the overall level of housing available in the borough and that there are many new offices and retail elements included.  We do not consider the PAC can properly assess the application in the absence of some commitment to affordable housing.

 Excessive Height of Tower:  The applicant shows in outline the many buildings consented or presumably en route for approval along the river (e.g. Plantation Wharf, Smugglers Way) but there is no clear visual nor, sadly, any evidence of strategic co-ordination by Wandsworth Council nor by developers.  We note that the Heliport is concerned at the lack of wind analysis. 

Design of Tower:  We can find no evidence that further work on the design was undertaken between the applicant’s receipt of the Design Review Panel (DRP) letter of 3 February and the application being posted on the website on 8 February.  The DRP notes that on 20 January ‘the scheme is still evolving’ and suggests that ‘you may wish to submit a revised scheme for a further design review’. We remain sceptical about the merits of the design, and note its apparent similarity to the Ballymore buildings in Nine Elms (see our earlier comments on the scheme, attached).

Retail Viability:  The retail statement is unconvincing and fails to take proper account of the substantial proposals for Battersea Power Station and Wandsworth Town/Southside Quarter Ram site let alone existing town centre and local shopping facilities easily accessed from Clapham Junction, together with other developments at Smugglers Way and along York and Lombard Roads, Nine Elms and Battersea Park Road.

Transport Capacity:  The transport statement is inadequate, yet again failing to take any account of the cumulative impact of the many developments in the area on road and public transport capacity in the area.  We can see no mention of the increasing burden on the highway of home delivery vehicles nor a proper assessment of deliveries by the proposed retailers. 

We urge the council to refuse this application in its current form.

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