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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 23 December 2019 at 08:42:57

Duchess Belle extension for hotel rooms: 2019/4237

The Battersea Society strongly objects to these proposals for an extension to the Duchess Belle. While we consider expansion of the facilities to include hotel rooms is appropriate for the site, and the size and massing of the proposed extension is generally acceptable, we have severe reservations concerning the design of the external elevations, in particular that to the east onto Savona Road. We consider that the extension to this locally listed historic pub does not meet the criteria of DMS2b). The design and fenestration of the hotel extension does not sustain, conserve or enhance the significance, appearance, and setting of the heritage asset. Further consideration needs to be given to designing the elevations and the window openings in a way that they complement and better integrate with the lines of the existing building. The proposals need to be referred to the Wandsworth Conservation Areas Advisory Committee for their consideration before being put to the Planning Applications Committee. 

We have a number of other reservations about the proposals: 

i) the brick material used for the new extensions needs to be submitted and agreed to ensure that it is similar to, and complements, the original brickwork. There is a significant difference between the suggested brickwork given in the Heritage and Planning statement and that in the Design and Access Statement in terms of brickwork (the former suggests a dark terracotta while the latter a washed out London stock colour). 

ii)  external rear ground floor terrace  - this appears to be retained but the proposals do not specifically confirm that it will continue to be used as part of the bar/pub function - this is a particularly attractive element of the existing pub and should be retained for this purpose not merely as a passageway to the hotel rooms; 

iii) vehicle access and drop off: there is no indication  of how hotel guests would access the hotel by taxi/car. Further explanation is required of where they would expect taxis to drop people off - not all will arrive by public transport - and also where deliveries to the enlarged facility will be made; 

iv) internal architectural features, there is no specific confirmation that these will be retained - this needs to be a planning condition

v) no details are given of external signage, lighting, air conditioning vents etc., of significance when extending a heritage building such as this. 

We therefore consider that the proposals as submitted be refused. 

You can see full details of this application and other comments, or to make your own views known by copying 2019/4237 and pasting it into the box you will find here