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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 28 September 2015 at 14:47:37

46 Ponton Road, 2015/4504

The Battersea Society was one of the few to attend the consultation exhibition on this proposal and welcomed the opportunity to talk through with the architects and development partners the concepts on which the overall development is based. It must be said however that the exhibition was in an awkward building to both locate and access. ​(It was on the top floor).  Developers should bear in mind that mounting exhibitions in this way hardly meets the objectives of wide public consultation.   

That said, overall we consider the development is suited to this site which is so close to the main rail line and to the rear of part of the Embassy Gardens development. 

We generally support the points made by the DRP.  In particular we also have concerns about the extensive use of the pre-cast cladding in terms of the weathering, its colour and potential for staining. We consider the architects should consider a possible mix of cladding finishes with the use of some natural stone and brick as suggested for the hard landscaping.  

In addition we would wish to see the Transport Assessment documents posted on the website in order that we may consider them (currently the Utilities Statement is posted a second time as the Transport assessment). Access via Ponton Road off Nine Elms will be through a busy junction once the adjacent developments and supermarket are operational. Care will need to be taken in terms of the mix of vehicle, cycle and pedestrian movements, especially on the eastern side of this site where residents turn in to park below the buildings. The documents posted do not present full details on this. We hope this can be rectified and we have the opportunity to comment as necessary.  

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