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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 28 February 2018 at 18:10:21

Comments on Battersea High Street Improvements

The Battersea Society is in favour of there being improvements but the detail of the plan needs to be considered further. We would be pleased to participate in further consultation at the detailed design stage. 

The work to be done relates to parking, cycling, littering and the need to retain the diversity of the market.  Shops can participate by helping to improve the streetscape when they are closed.


We see that parking and loading is now in bays taking up part of the pavement area.  This could disadvantage pedestrians. We would prefer the current wide pavements to be retained.  We assume detailed design work will be done to analyse current use of parking bays, amount of loading which takes place and traffic density and that final plans for parking and loading will take account of this.


It appears there will no longer be a designated cycleway.  If analysis of current traffic confirms that there is little car traffic, this might be acceptable.  It is essential that cyclists can safely cycle along the High Street and through the new barrier.  They should not be encouraged to use the pavement.

It is essential that a barrier to rat-running is retained but not at the expense of cyclists.


The Council needs to ensure there are adequate and well-designed litter bins in the final scheme. There are many takeaways in the area and the seats at the end could end up marooned in a sea of litter.

Diversity of Market Stalls

Any ‘gentrification’ or homogenisation of the market stalls should be resisted.  This is not the place for a Farmers’ Market but for traders providing a range of items, including cheaper fruit and veg.


Figures 1 and 2 show the dark effect of steel shutters which are used by a number of shops and which diminish the appeal of the street outside shopping hours. Metal shutters may once have been needed but this is no longer the case