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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 6 August 2015 at 10:27:36

Lombard Road/York Road Riverside Supplementary Planning Document

Comments on the Draft Supplementary Planning Document June 2015

General Comment

While we welcome the development of a strategic plan for this area given the number of ad hoc decisions already taken; this draft document does not meet that need.  It reads as a post hoc policy justification for decisions taken over the past two to three years under pressure from developers to maximise site values through overdevelopment and tall buildings.  The strategy appears to rest on the ability of densely packed tall buildings to regenerate the area.  The infrastructure support rests on new facilities proposed for the Winstanley Estate and a single road and cycle bridge to be funded by developers.

No option other than tall buildings and the Cremorne Bridge are considered for the area.  The site specific advice is virtually the same for each site.

It is clear from conversations with our members and others that our concerns are widely shared.  There was evident frustration at the lack of information available within the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and at the two consultation events in July. 

The long term impact of these plans is such that Wandsworth Council should have drawn up a planning framework for the area and developed a strategy based on that.  A smaller version of that developed for the Vauxhall Nine Elms Opportunity Area could have served as a model. Sadly given the number of permissions already given, or in the pipeline there is now no likelihood of this being undertaken.

NOTE: The more detailed comments take up many pages and in the case it was decided that it made be available for viewing/dowloading as a pdf file. You will find the link to that document here