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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 10 October 2017 at 16:22:37

NLE BPS design of eastern entrance: 2017/4269 and 2017/4274

Refer also to 2017/4274

The Battersea Society has a number of comments on these linked applications relating to the detailed designs of the eastern NLE station at Battersea Power Station and wish to object to them as currently presented.

We regret that TfL did not provide any opportunity for the general public to comment on their proposed design prior to formal submission of the planning applications. The NLE is a critical element in future transport planning for this part of Battersea and we would have expected pre submission consultation with existing residents and community groups who are likely to be using the station.  Such consultation might have led to the points we raise being addressed; either by giving reassurance within the application or being modified before plans were submitted. As presented, the applications lack information on a number of points and we are unable to support this application

In particular:

There is no information about the way in which the design reflects  the balance of passenger usage as between the eastern and western stations nor how the two entrances complement each other within the overall station complex. For example will all those using the western station be coming from within the Power Station development or will that station also have access onto Battersea Park Road? This is significant in terms of peak usage for those both leaving and arriving at the station. Without this background it is difficult to assess the reasonableness of the design of the station entrance and the different access routes into the eastern station. For example, how heavy will the usage be of what appear to be relatively narrow steps both beside the exit and also along the narrow pavement onto Battersea Park Road? Likewise will both entrances always be in use: have they been designed on this assumption? If one is closed how will passengers access the other entrance?

The proposals have little information about how the design relates to routes passengers will use to access the station. The station must clearly be part of integrated public transport and pedestrian routes yet little is included on how the design relates to other modes. Has the likely flow of passengers from the proposed bus stops (on both sides of Battersea Park Road) been reflected in the siting of the entrance - no  indication is given. For example where is the

nearest pedestrian crossing to the station entrance? How does the entrance relate to the proposed pedestrian subway from the south side of Battersea Park Road or to the nearest bike hire station?  Or to the rail stations at Battersea Park and Queenstown Road.

Taxi Drop Off. Recent TfL consultation on highway improvements along this section of Battersea Park Road suggested the taxi drop off for the NLE station would be outside the western entrance. but drawings included with these proposals imply it is outside the eastern, station, in contradiction to the highway proposals.  We consider that a taxi drop off should be within the Power Station Road possibly on Prospect Way rather than Battersea Park Road.

Concerns about street furniture and safety of pedestrians: the drawings show only a single tube totem post on the pavement area in front of the station itself. We are concerned that there needs to be some protection for pedestrians on what appears to be a narrow stretch of pavement, not least basic barriers along the kerb immediately adjacent to the tube entrance to inhibit people from running across the road to and from the bus stops opposite.

In addition without the full picture of how the two station entrances relate there are concerns that when there are major events at the Power Station and/or Battersea Park (e.g. Bonfire Night, the Corporate runs) the pavement will be insufficient to take the volume of pedestrians.

While it is important to avoid clutter there is no indication given of stands for private cycle parking.

Overall Design

  • while much effort has been put into the modelling of the roof and its appearance from above, the elevation onto Prospect Way and to the rear offers a very poor complement to the exciting form of the Gehry development. We consider an opportunity has been lost in not making these elevations both functional and aesthetically more exciting than the utilitarian proposal given. We understand the need for emergency and service access but this does not mean it has to be so dreary and lacking in individuality.

  • the steps alongside the eastern elevation of the station present potential safety issues. Overall the association between these steps, the linear park, the Community hub and the station appear awkward. There is no clear direct route through from the main Power Station development to the entrance nor an obvious sitting/waiting area within the forecourt to the station.

  • we support Heritage England's comment that the final approved design needs to be sensitive to the remaining views of the Power Station.

We consider the applications should not be approved until the above points have been addressed and urge planning officers to seek clarification and modifications before submitting this application to the Planning Applications Committee.

To see full details of this application and other comments, or to make your own views known please click here