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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 28 April 2018 at 10:04:22

RCA Construction Management Plan, 2018/1677

The Battersea Society is concerned that the traffic management report does not appear to acknowledge the serious amount of congestion which occurs at the junctions between Battersea Bridge Road, Parkgate Road, Westbridge Road, Battersea Church Road and Howie Street. This can take place throughout the day and is not confined to peak hours.  The junction between Beaufort Street and the Embankment, in Chelsea, can also become congested.  

Some part of the route proposed appears to use the residential southern end of Albert Bridge Road at its T junction with Battersea Park Road.  This again can become congested, albeit the more so for traffic turning west.  Battersea Park Road itself is frequently congested in and out of peak hours with traffic travelling north across the junction of Latchmere Road, Battersea Park Road and Battersea Bridge Road regularly stacking back up Latchmere Road. 

The Traffic Routing Plan is either misleading or incorrect in that it does not make clear whether or not, given that no right turn into Battersea Bridge Road from Battersea Park Road, is possible, construction traffic arriving from the Nine Elms /easterly direction south of the river is planned to go north over Chelsea Bridge and then turn left along the Embankment then south over Battersea Bridge to the site.

It is essential that if this route is used, signing is provided before the Dogs Home on Battersea Park Road to ensure large vehicles are routed via  Queen’s Circus and Chelsea bridge. Otherwise it is likely that there will be attempts to rat run from Battersea Park Road, through the smaller streets and via Prince of Wales Drive to access Battersea Bridge Road. This already happens occasionally with ‘lost’ traffic from Nine Elms trying to go north and is a significant neighbourhood nuisance and safety hazard

We suggest that during the construction phase every effort is made to minimise journeys by private car to the site given the existing pressure on local parking. This is extremely limited with only Battersea Park having all day parking. Employees should be encouraged to come by cycle, public transport or on foot.  The contractors should also consider offering bus transport morning and evening to either Vauxhall and/or Clapham Junction stations for those working on site as the bus routes serving Battersea Bridge Road are already very heavily used at peak hours.

We would like to see more recognition of the complexities of this site, the existing pressure on the surrounding roads and a fuller plan of action from the RCA, TfL and Wandsworth Council.  Construction traffic from Nine Elms and York Road is already having a notable adverse effect on the whole area.  In the longer term more considered transport plans will be required to address similar issues once the development is up and running; and we look forward to participating in consultation on these.

To conclude, we are not convinced that those preparing these reports have yet understood the extent of the traffic and transport problems the contractors and employees will encounter during construction.

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