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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 10 August 2014 at 12:32:54

44-46 Falcon Road, 2014/3881

We are pleased to see that this site is to be developed however The Battersea Society remain concerned about some aspects of this application previously drawn to your attention in relation to 2013/1240.  These relate to: lack of off-street parking for service vehicles for  both the retail and the residential units and lack of on site parking for those with disabilities; the limited amount of affordable housing; the dominance of the building within the streetscape and the viability of the retail frontage. 

Lack of off-street parking

There are considerable demands for parking in the area, with Falcon Road itself being a heavily trafficked route.  We object strongly to the proposal that existing parking in the area be taken over to provide just one disabled parking bay off site.  Space should be made available in the basement or at ground level on site for at least one, preferably two, parking spaces for disabled residents or for visitors.  While we understand the desirability of car-free development this should not extend to those with disabilities – especially where the applicant has taken pains to provide wheelchair accessible dwellings. .The previous proposal provided two disabled car-parking bays on site so in this respect this application falls short of the consented proposal.

On site, off street, parking should also be provided for service vehicles visiting both residents and the retail units and for a car club vehicle.

Affordable Housing

While we are pleased to see that the applicant does not propose separating the access to market and to affordable/intermediate housing we object to the affordable units being limited to 28%.

Dominance of the architecture

As is shown in the visualisation the proposed building is substantially taller than neighbouring buildings and will be overly dominant in the streetscape.

Viability of the Retail Frontage

The main area of retail activity in Falcon Road is to the south and while we note the comments from Knight Frank we are concerned that this development might contribute to the unhappy prevalence of new developments with empty shop frontages at street level.

Knight Frank appear to have focused on large multiple chains as potential tenants.  We consider this could be a desirable location for smaller retail units or for ground floor office space.  We ask the applicant to re-consider this proposal.

We would welcome a modified proposal for this site and are confident that Wandsworth Council will work with the developer to address these concerns and to bring forward an attractive and viable proposal.

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