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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 4 January 2019 at 12:46:44

Land at Jaggard Way SW12 8SG, 2018/5413

The Battersea Society strongly objects to this proposal for outline planning permission, which retains most of the features that led to the refusal of the earlier application (2017/2678) for a similar development that was refused by the Council in January 2018. 

As many objectors – including Historic England - noted with the earlier proposal, Jaggard Way is just outside the Wandsworth Common Conservation Area, which is characterised by two-storey and three-storey housing, with extensive views across the Common; not by large blocks of flats. Although the current proposal removes the most egregious element in the earlier one, by reducing the height of the tallest of the four blocks to four, rather than six, storeys, the flats will still dominate views and damage the character of the Conservation Area, with visible hardening to its boundary. 

We note the many objections that have been made by local residents about loss of amenity in terms of overshadowing, overbearing, unsatisfactory outlook, likely loss of or at best damage to trees, privacy and loss of sunlight/daylight. We also note the concerns about the loss of local business that are unlikely to return once the development has been completed. 

We are disappointed by the low level of affordable housing: 22% is unacceptable, with an apparent lack of social rented housing. The mix of housing units also remains bizarre, with more than double the 20% maximum of one-bed units set in the Council’s policy DMH3. No evidence is provided for the assertion that such a mix is appropriate in this location. 

In sum, we believe that this proposal is incompatible with the Council’s policies, and that it will damage the Conservation Area. We trust that the application will be refused.

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