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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 8 June 2016 at 10:54:17

South London Mail Centre Site – 2016/2424

The Battersea Society has tracked the progress of this scheme since it was first prepared and welcomed the chance to meet the architects at the recent consultation. We share the earlier CABE view that this is an attractive development.  

 It would have been helpful if this latest application had indicated to what extent the changes meet some of the reservations expressed by CABE back in August 2011.  On this point we understand that this current application will be followed by a reserved matters application showing the design of the buildings, rather than the parameters as is now the case.  We trust that these applications will be the subject of a CABE or DRP review at an appropriate time and that the plans will be subject to the usual consultation process. 

The site is very densely packed and there is relatively little open space (see schematic on page 8 of the Design and Access Statement).  Building design will be key to this becoming an attractive and welcoming space. We can see that as far as landscaping is concerned a good start has been made and we are pleased to see that coherence throughout Nine Elms will be helped by the fact that Camlins are working on the landscaping. 

It is good that moving the sorting office away leads to a School at ground level and to a small increase in affordable housing – from 283 units to 306.  It is disappointing that provision remains at the 15% level – especially for a project on land which was, before the sale of Royal Mail, a publically owned asset.  We very much hope given the need for housing for people to live in rather than invest in, this percentage will be reviewed upwards. 

We look forward to reviewing more detailed building design plans in due course.

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