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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 18 September 2015 at 13:42:47

Salesian School Travel Plan: 2015/4553

The Battersea Society is disappointed in this travel plan which consists to a large extent of a review of existing public transport routes and of past travel behaviour by pupils at St. John Bosco College.  It appears to have been produced at a distance from the school management and there is little evidence of involvement in the plan by staff at the school.  It does not recognise the likely impact of the increased number of pupils on the existing public transport network nor does it set out any action plan which might minimise this impact.   

The plan refers to a separate plan for the 104 dwellings and the Community College.  We assume these will be the subject of a separate planning application and look forward to being informed of this. 

We are surprised that no travel plan co-ordinator has yet been appointed.  This appointment should have preceded the preparation of a travel plan and the co-ordinator should have worked with the consultant to set the action plan, targets and monitoring procedures. 

We consider this plan is deficient in that it does not (as far as we can see):

  • Give actual numbers of pupils travelling to the school from October 2015

  • Address the fact that all the identified modes of public transport operate at or above capacity at peak times.  This will become worse when new developments along York Road are built.

  • Review the locations from which students will travel to the new school and the likely modes of transport.

  • Consider staff initiatives such as group walks between, say, Clapham Junction or Battersea Park stations and the school, orientation journeys for pupils new to the area or other initiatives which might minimise the impact of the added numbers. 

  • Include routes from the east such as via Battersea Park overground – where walking could be via Battersea Park 

  • Assess the number of pupils likely to use the re-routed school bus.

The action proposed appears to consist mostly of providing information and giving annual reminders.  Worthy as this might be it does not seem sufficient.  We would be surprised if the school did not have more dynamic plans in place, even though these are not reflected in the travel plan presented by the developer. 

We cannot comment on the monitoring procedures proposed as this information is omitted from the document  available on the application website.  However we note that there are no clear targets set.  

We object to this application and suggest that something better be required from the Salesian College before this condition is discharged.

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