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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 8 November 2018 at 12:44:13

Big Yellow Storage: 2018/3776

The Battersea Society objects to the proposed height of 20 storeys for this site on the corner of Lombard Road.  The precedent of other buildings further west along York Road and the ‘focal point’ Barrett Building is not a justification.  It should be no higher than the 17 storeys consented building for the Looker’s Site on the opposite corner of Lombard and York Roads.

We are disappointed that the estimable proposal for social rented housing to be provided has gone from the proposals. ‘Affordable rented’ is affordable only to the more fortunate of Battersea’s residents.  This was an opportunity to offer accommodation to key workers and their families and it has been missed.

It is of course true that: 

“The site has an excellent accessibility level by walking and cycling and is very well connected by public transport … [and that] a number of us stops are located within a short walk from the site …”

Travelling to a bus stop or to Clapham Junction may be simple enough but actually finding space during rush hours is quite another matter.  It was astonishing to hear that TfL had told the site owners that transport capacity was adequate.  There are many consented schemes yet to be occupied and we cannot understand why neither TfL nor Wandsworth Council seem to take this lack of capacity seriously.  A Jubilee Bridge might be of some benefit but that would put Battersea residents in competition with those joining the overground at Imperial Wharf where, as with Battersea, there are many new developments.

We trust that a height of 20 storeys will not be approved, that the developer will think again regarding social rented housing and that, at some stage, TfL and WBC will take the issue of lack of transport capacity seriously. 

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