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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 16 September 2018 at 16:46:03

1 Prince of Wales Drive, 2018/3684

The Battersea Society objects to elements of this application which would be to the detriment of both the building and of the Battersea Park Conservation Area. We trust it will be the subject of scrutiny by the Wandsworth Conservation Areas Advisory Committee.

While this building has been reduced to a façade it is still important that new work preserves an appropriate presence in the streetscape, and in relation to its neighbours, particularly those to the rear of the site.  We find it difficult to assess the overall impact of the proposed plans from the material presented but the elements which cause most concern are:: 

Main External Staircase:  This is an incongruous addition to the detriment of the streetscape and of the host building 

Roof terrace at rear:  This is not only an inappropriate overdevelopment of the building but has the potential to cause overlooking and disturbance to neighbours further north in Battersea Bridge Road and in Wendle Square.  We query whether there has been some hitch in the delivery of consultation letters.  It is not unknown for letters to enter the WBC mail system but not arrive with the intended recipients. 

Roof terrace at side: We object to this being made accessible 

Roof terrace at front:  Any addition of a roof terrace to the front façade would be objectionable. 

Front Garden:  It is not at all clear what is proposed but the addition of a shield of trees in addition to the hedging is both inappropriate and, we would have thought, unsustainable.  It also appears that the glazed lightwell would be more obtrusive than previously planned. 

Conservatory:  This might be acceptable but in the absence of any adequate drawing showing height and profile it is not possible to assess its impact.  This material should be supplied to enable the Council, ourselves and neighbours to assess this element. 

Back garden:  While not a conservation concern, we would have expected to see a Flood Risk Assessment of the excavation of the garden and the further extension of the basement.  It is not clear whether neighbours have been consulted as recommended in the Supplementary Planning Guidance in relation to basements. 

Overall the proposals fail to comply with Policies DMS1, DMS2 and DMH5 as well as the guidance within the Battersea Park Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy.  We trust the application, as it stands, will be refused.

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