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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 16 September 2015 at 09:56:11

Battersea Power Station Phase 4A, 2015/3555

The Battersea Society has gone through the extensive documentation for both the original and revised submission for Phase 4a of the Battersea Power Station Development. We consider the proposals for the Sleaford Street development have substantial merit and offer significant benefits to this part of Nine Elms, especially the provision of the new major health centre and small business incubator space. 

The scheme as now submitted potentially offers a high quality residential environment with sensitively designed and landscaped areas around the central open space. We welcome the earlier than anticipated delivery of a substantial proportion of the affordable homes for the entire development. However we consider that, given market conditions, efforts should be made to further increase the overall number of affordable units within the development as a whole, with a reasonable proportion maintained in the final phases on the sites north of Nine Elms Lane. 

It will be important to ensure strong links into the linear park and links across to the main Power station site. The Bookers site remains a critical one in improving this section of Nine Elms and discussion with developers on that site should reflect the care taken to link the Phase 4a site through to the river and enable a strong link between the sites and the exit of the linear park onto Nine Elms Lane.  

We do have concerns about the interaction of traffic, cycles and pedestrians in and around the Sleaford Street/Cringle Street/CGMA/ Nine Elms Junction and presume further detailed work is being taken forward on this. The society has already expressed concern about this in response to a recent application by CGMA (2015/4221)  

We will be interested to see the outcome of discussions with the borough in relation to the ball park area. Given the likely density of young people in the completed development and those already living in the adjacent estates, such facilities are much needed in this part of Battersea.  

Finally we have appreciated the extensive public consultation in relation to this scheme and the opportunities provided to discuss the proposals with the design team.

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