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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 27 November 2017 at 07:57:47

Consultation on proposals for 6 – 10 Ingate Place

It was helpful to visit the exhibition and we were pleased to have the opportunity to talk through the proposals for redevelopment of 6 - 10 Ingate Place at some length. Generally we appreciate the reasons for realising the potential of this site. The provision of small work spaces for SMEs is to be welcomed, together with the retention of some light industrial space in an area which has traditionally seen mixed industrial business activities.  We did, however, have some general reservations about the positioning of the building within the site, and about accessibility. These were:

1 Vehicle access:   Ingate Place is quite heavily trafficked for such a small street, mainly because of its providing access to larger areas both sides of the railway. We were concerned that there was no dedicated service or dropping off area off-street for users of the building or for deliveries and service vehicles, particularly necessary given the number of SME’s planned to operate from the site. The proposed on street parking for those using the building would surely clog access for others and create an unpleasant environment - somewhat contrary to the worthy objectives of improving the public realm; well set out in the exhibition material.

We consider at least a dedicated lay by for visitors etc and a separate side or rear access for service vehicles is essential. Ideally there should be some further onsite parking.  The footfall of the building appeared to take a large proportion of the site.

2 Narrow pavement:    Although the visuals suggested mixed traffic pedestrian areas we have doubts about the practicality and safety of this. We would have preferred to see a widening of the pavement in front of the building and a clearer separation of pedestrians and vehicles than is suggested. 

3 Master plan for the area:  While the exhibition material provided photos of adjacent buildings (or future proposals) it would have helped to assess the impact of the building if the full elevation drawings of 6 -10 could have been placed within the context of these to give an impression how the various buildings would mass together. 

The master plan implied a new linkage between Ingate Place and the improvements behind Queenstown road station. We hope this could be vigorously pursued with Wandsworth Council and other local land owners.   If this route was opened up it would create a far more attractive, less polluted and safer route through from the two stations. It would also provide a useful link through to the Battersea Exchange, the proposed Palmerston Court redevelopment, Power Station sites and the NLE station. 

4 Design of Building:   We liked the openness of the lower floors and use of wood in the front reception spaces. However we were less certain about the proposed metal surround to the upper glazing especially at roof level where the upper profile might have been strengthened if the brick banding (as illustrated on the elevation onto the railway), was also used to finish the top of the front of the building​.  

We liked the use of brick on the side elevations but were concerned that it should be sympathetic in tone and colour to adjacent housing on Queenstown Road and the adjacent ​locally listed building.​ 

We look forward to seeing and commenting on the final submitted proposals.