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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 8 November 2018 at 12:42:13

Riverside Mooring, 2018/4588

The Battersea Society objects to the addition of a new residential mooring at this site. It is an example of a ‘permanently moored vessel which would potentially [and in our view would] form a barrier between the river and people on the banks’.  It is contrary to policies DM06 and  DMO7 in that it would: 

  • Harm existing views

  • Harm the residential amenity of those living along this stretch of the river

  • Harm views of the river for residents and visitors alike

  • Harm the character and open nature of the river and riverside. 

  • Form a barrier impeding views of the river from the riverside

 It is not clear how the development would comply with the need for adequate servicing but this would, presumably, have a further adverse impact on a narrow river path. 

It does not comply with the relevant development plan policies and we trust it will be withdrawn or, if not, refused.

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