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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 8 December 2014 at 10:24:07

Response to TfL consultation on Wandsworth Town Centre

The following answers were given on behalf of the Battersea Society to Transport for London's online consultation regarding the plans for Wandsworth Town Centre:

Do you think the current traffic layout works well for the town centre?


Do you have any further comments? :

At present through traffic is unduly dominant and creates significant barriers to pedestrian movement within the town centre. Conditions are unsafe for cyclists. Changing between bus routes can be complicated and involve quite long walks, to the disadvantage of people who are less mobile or carrying heavy shopping, especially in bad weather.

Do you think the removal of the gyratory will improve how you use the town centre?


Do you have any further comments?

These proposals can be broadly welcomed but there are a number of important issues that still have to be resolved in the course of more detailed design work, including the design of junctions (including signage and signalling), the design of pedestrian crossings, the provision for cyclists and the paths, stops and (where appropriate termini) for bus services. There needs to be discussion with local organisations about these matters at an early stage in this process. Modelling of the effects on traffic will be essential and it is understood this has still to be carried out. 

Are there other suggestions you would like to make or issues you would like to raise?

In addition to the general issues highlighted in response to question 6 we are concerned that the artist’s impression gives an idealised picture of the effect of restricting the key section of the High Street to buses and cycles. If the numbers of pedestrians crossing the High Street are going to be as great as shown in this illustration, and are faced with the likely volume of bus and cycle traffic along the High Street, it is likely to be necessary to have defined crossing points and traffic signals to determine priority.

A problematic feature of these proposals is that all traffic wanting to go from/to Wandsworth Common North Side or from/to St John’s Hill would be required to go via the Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout and the Trinity Road slip roads. Wandsworth Common North Side is of course the South Circular Road and the A3. The proposal to route all the westbound traffic into Huguenot Place and round Book House looks particularly awkward.

We are also concerned that the scheme could lead to extensive rat running in the residential roads around East Hill; strong traffic management would be required in order to prevent that.