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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 13 March 2018 at 14:49:11

186 Battersea Bridge Road: 2018/0072

The Battersea Society objects to this application to build a contemporary interpretation of Victorian residential architecture on this site. 

The streetscape posted is misleading in that it does not show the anachronistic glazed screens fronting the unneighbourly ‘roof gardens’. These will stand out unhappily within the streetscape and alongside the Prince of Wales.  As shown in drawing 340 – SO5 – D these sit incongruously above the pastiche design below.  We are also concerned that, while the streetscape shows the height of the building below the screens matching those of the taller houses south of Clyde Cottages, the drawings are less clear that this will be the case, potentially adding a third height to the streetscape. The roof gardens are an unfortunate result of a decision to build over the garden rather than retaining outdoor space.

The proposals are overly dominant and inappropriately designed in relation to its neighbours both from the street and from the rear.  They contravene sections a, b and c of policy DMS1 in that they:

a.  fail to ensure a high level of physical integration with [their] surroundings – in particular the ‘winter gardens’ at roof level

b.  do not contribute positively to local spatial character

c.  harm the amenity of … nearby properties [because the development will lead to an] overbearing, unsatisfactory outlook.  We are concerned to read the comments of a number of neighbours to the rear of the development and trust the daylight survey will be reviewed.

It is disappointing that the opportunity has not been taken to develop a respectful contemporary solution for the space.  We are uncertain what is proposed for the space to the north of these proposed buildings which appears to remain unused although not part of the plans for the Prince of Wales itself.

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