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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 18 February 2016 at 12:24:06

Exhibition of proposals for 15-27 Falcon Road

Feedback from Planning Committee, Battersea Society

We were grateful to the team for the full and helpful information they gave and agree that the site is suitable for a mixed use residential development.

Our main comment concerns the design – both in general and in relation to its footprint.

Design Concept
This seemed to us to be rather a familiar treatment and one we have seen proposed – and built – quite frequently over the past year or so.

We also felt that the mixed brickwork proposed, apparently at the Borough's suggestion to add some visual variety, actually detracts from any overall integrity of the building. The white brickwork was particularly intrusive. Interesting treatment of monochrome brick can be very successful (for example  as at Elmwood Court, the new Peabody building on Battersea Park Road) and suggest such an approach might be preferable for this building.

However our main concern relates to the footprint.

1.  ‘Chamfering’ at the corners

The current building has ‘chamfered’ corners providing a generous turning into the neighbouring roads and – equally importantly – is a distinctive treatment echoing the corner treatment of all the blocks to the south along Falcon Road until Falcon Terrace (with the exception of the Mosque).  This treatment has been retained even on newer buildings on this side of Falcon Road.  We would be very sorry to see this aspect of continuity ignored and hope that the architect will review the treatment at the corners.

2.  Narrow pavement
The existing pavement is quite narrow and the new building provides an opportunity toextend the footway to the benefit of any retail outlet and to those using the pavement. We understand that this is due to Wandsworth Council policy.  We were told that even if the set back was within the site footprint, WBC would insist on ‘adopting’ the pavement – and that they are unwilling to do this.  This seems a mistaken policy and one we will question given that quite a small additional strip of pavement would be a significant benefit to the streetscape.

We are concerned that there is no on-site parking for service vehicles or disabled residents. All side roads are heavily used by their residents for parking.  Residents of the new building and their visitors are likely to add to the congestion in the evenings and overnight.

18 February 2016