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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 14 February 2015 at 12:14:02

Formula E in Battersea Park 2014/6976

The Battersea Society has already submitted a formal objection to this application. However further serious issues arise from additional reports and information posted by the applicant since the closing dates for comments. This letter therefore forms a late submission relating to these later documents. In addition, the Committee paper has now been posted and we were disappointed to see no reference in the consultation section to our earlier extensive points, including those relating to potential breach of adopted planning policies were the event to proceed.

We consider that the Transportation Plan while providing additional material is still deficient on the following points:

a) Construction and show breakdown:  It provides insufficient information relating to the hours at which the various advance works, setting up and post event breakdown will take place. It is important that the operators liaise with the Vauxhall Nine Elms team about the logistics of traffic management during all these works, given the scale of lorry movements involved.  The traffic congestion is already severe and delays could also cause problems for the promoters of which they do not appear to be aware.

b) Parking:   There will be no parking in the Park and indeed the car parks will be out of use for some considerable time before and after the event, including that adjacent to the Southern Carriageway. The plan is deficient in not considering the impact on parking in adjacent roads, merely providing a count of existing places which are already overloaded. Residents have suggested that public bays be closed for non-residents during the event and build up but no reference is made to this.

c) Public transport: There is reference to the expectation that all visitors will come by public transport, which is unlikely. There is no reference to possible ‘park and ride’ facilities which would relieve the capacity problem.  There should have already been more extensive discussion with, and a response from, TfL re public transport, before the planning application was submitted.

d) Impact on the park's planting and infrastructure of the works needed for the race. Section 4 of the Transportation Plan (Advance Works) indicates that there will be  new tarmac and the removal of planted areas, in some places extending tarmac by a further 8 feet or more, in the old boules area and in the car park along Prince of Wales Drive.   In the case of the latter this means that what is now a pleasing curved line to the car park will be straightened and a far more extensive area of tarmac with loss of trees and grass. If permission is granted a condition must be imposed that any grassed or planted area removed for the racing should be reinstated immediately after the event. There is also very significant concern that the creation of this chicane adjacent to Prince of Wales Drive will result in considerable noise nuisance to residents.

Technical report: There is no detailed timetable or detail about the logistics of barrier erection etc. except to say that it will take place over a period of several days. How will public transport – buses – cars, and other construction traffic in the area (Battersea Power Station, Vauxhall) be managed to enable ‘real life’ to go on during the building/track removal phases? Will there be dumping of barrier material in the park before the build starts – and where will the dumps be placed?  It is clear that, given the length of the proposed race track, a very large number of lorry movements will be involved in both bringing in and removing the concrete barriers and fencing. If works are to be undertaken at night what noise and light protection will there be for residents overlooking the track area in Albert Bridge Road and at the eastern end of Prince of Wales Drive where the proposed route is immediately below bedroom windows? These are matters which should be considered by the Community Forum before being finalised.

We consider these are issues which need to be addressed explicitly before the application is determined. We recommend that before taking their decision the Planning Applications Committee should walk the route of the race and be shown the precise areas where there will be works to the Park such as the pits, extra tarmac areas, removal of grass, shrubs and other street furniture. This would provide a feel for the extent of the changes needed to accommodate the event

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