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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 8 November 2017 at 10:48:37

Vehicle Charging Point opp 261 Battersea Park Road, 2017/5314

The Battersea Society objects strongly to all parking on this major road, even for such a worthy project as this.

The application is, despite its length, short of clear details of the effect of this proposal on the cycle tracks, bus lanes and bus stops nor to the pavement width on this stretch of road.  It does not refer to a further application further west along Battersea Park Road.  

Battersea Park Road is subject to increasingly dense traffic and this will only get worse as development along Nine Elms, Battersea Park Road and York Road continues and increases. 

This appears to be a standard application and one which has not benefitted from a site visit which might have led to a more suitable proposal near to but not on Battersea Park Road.  It does not reference proposed roadway improvements further east and recently the subject of consultation.  It does not include the possibility of the charging point being within the Tesco car parking area. 

We cannot see why vehicle charging points cannot be provided in side roads or off-road rather than on the increasingly devalued ‘red routes’ originally planned to facilitate through traffic and to avoid traffic jams.  We urge WBC to work with TfL to produce a more sensible set of proposals for vehicle charging points.

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