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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 22 November 2019 at 14:18:50

134 Battersea High Street, SW11 3JR: 2019/4262

We are writing following the further application to demolish the existing buildings at 134 Battersea High Street and replace them with 8 apartments and a mews house. 

The Battersea Society objects to this application and considers that the design of the proposed development at street level is an overdevelopment and one which would be detrimental to the efforts both Wandsworth Council and the local community are taking to create a revived and bustling High Street and would urge the Council to seek an improved design more appropriate to its location. The previously approved design (2014/2376 now lapsed) we consider was a superior design and a more sympathetic proposal for the site. 

While the butchers’ premises on the site has not operated for a number of years and the property is most definitely in need of redevelopment, the current revised proposals add no benefit to the streetscape at a pedestrian level. The design of the mews house is a large, featureless brick wall with small windows and a tall gate providing access to what is in effect a gated community. It is out of keeping with the streetscape of the rest of the high street. 

We would also urge the Council to consider how appropriate it will be to site a mews house directly abutting the outdoor beer garden of the Candlemaker pub. It would be disappointing if the result of this development were in due course to be a reduction in a public amenity for the wider community. 

In addition the proposed flats to the rear of the development (flats 03 and 05 in particular) have very limited light, a result in part of attempting to fit too many units into this relatively small site. 

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