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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 26 November 2015 at 13:51:11

Public Consultation Cringle Dock

These are the answers to a questionnaire proved at public consultation held by the Cringle Dock developers.

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Question 3

.A  Disagree

These proposals would prolong the life of Cringle Dock as a waste transfer station but it is hard to predict the effect of possible mandatory recycling targets on the ‘sustainable, long-term future’ of the facility.

B  Agree

C Neutral – see additional comments

D Agree   - see additional comments

E Agree   -  see additional comments

Question 4

Yes we support the modernisation and redevelopment of the waste transfer station but with reservations about the outline proposals put forward.

5.  Additional Comments.

3B  There will need to be special measures to prevent lorries entering and leaving the waste transfer station causing noise nuisance to the proposed new residential units. Entry to the waste transfer station will be along Cringle Street, which will run along the back of the new housing, and some lorries will use it during the night

3C:  The rather crude block model of the proposed development suggests an overly dense and tall development providing too great a mass for the site.  It is possible that the height will further obscure the Power Station chimneys from the east.  We see a danger that the open space between the blocks will be narrow and dark – especially as light from the south and west will be limited.  While the current building is not particularly attractive its low form does at least provide an attractive variation in building height along the river.

We are disappointed that a more interesting and imaginative proposal has not been proposed even at this early stage.

3D:  We welcome the aspiration to extend the Thames Tideway path but this will only be fulfilled when the Thames Tideway Tunnel has been completed and provision for the Thames Path incorporated in the permanent shape of the Tideway Site.

3E:  This addition to the overall Power Station site should contain a generous amount of affordable housing.  The quantity should be assessed against this site rather than being part of the overall consented BPDC scheme. 

6:  Planning Committee members have been assiduous in attending previous public events.

10.  Yes – and we were grateful for the time spent with us discussing the scheme.