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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 13 May 2019 at 12:39:59

45-49 St Johns Road SW11 1QP ( 2019/1313)

The Battersea Society objects to this application in its current form and is disappointed that Marks and Spencer should submit such a meagre and incomplete heritage statement for a building that is locally listed and occupies a prominent position in the Clapham Junction Conservation Area. The loss of the clothing element to the store, which has been a feature of St John’s Road for many decades, is regrettable. 

The curved glass windows with granite upstand and bronze frames (including a transom at the top) form the most notable feature of the ground floor shop front.  Between them there is currently a most unfortunate group of three modern aluminium-framed doors set in the original oak frame of the shop front. The installation of a new shop front represents an opportunity to provide an entrance that complements the design of the windows to either side, and thus makes a coherent whole. This could be readily achieved by providing an upstand at the bottom and a transom at the top of the open-backed windows proposed to either side of the new sliding doors. This would in no way detract from the open and active frontage that M&S seek. 

Another notable feature of the current frontage is the light brown mosaic tiling with blue star pattern to the entrance. Although this has been patched in places where door fittings have been replaced, we are disappointed by the proposal that it should be replaced by a mix of green and grey tiles (with no information provided as to their precise colour or type). 

Finally, we are dismayed to find that the signage refers to “M&S Clapham”. Customers have, over many years, pointed out that the store is in Battersea, more than a mile distant from Clapham High Street. It is in fact in the middle of the Clapham Junction town centre, which is itself in the centre of Battersea. Labelling the store wrongly in this way fails to respect its locality and its neighbours and could cause confusion. The sign is unacceptable.

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