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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 17 November 2016 at 10:04:38

Plantation Wharf, 2016/5644

The Battersea Society objects to this proposal to develop an existing riverside estate site to a high density and in a piecemeal manner.  We share with members of the Design Review Panel (DRP) concern at the lack of any clear rationale for this major intervention.

We note their detailed concerns about the proposals, which we endorse, and the strong recommendation that, having developed their proposals further, the developer should submit these for further review by the DRP. We may be mistaken but we cannot readily find any statement as to how the developers have responded to the DRP letter of 27 July 2016 nor any suggestion that a further presentation to the DRP is planned.

Overall we find the Design and Access Statement lacks clarity, cohesion or a clear narrative rather offering a mixture of sketch proposals and very detailed information, some of it repetitive. 

It is disgraceful that there is no information about the percentage of affordable housing proposed.  We assume the developers have an overall financial plan in place and the lack of this information suggests a future attempt to minimise any percentage.

This is yet another proposal relying on public transport links at Clapham Junction, the existing bus routes and on York Road.   It ignores the cumulative impact of development on these links, already under pressure. 

We note the very many thoughtful and knowledgeable objections already received which, together with the concerns of the DRP, clearly support our view that this application should be refused and the developers asked to re-consider their plans to profit from this site.

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