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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 30 October 2020 at 11:14:07

Arding and Hobbs, 315 Lavender Hill SW11 1LN (2020/3421 and 3484)

While the Battersea Society supports the aim of restoring this strategically-important building and bringing it back into mixed retail and office use we have to object to this application which fails to take account of concerns we have expressed since the start of the consultation process.

During these discussions we noted the commendable care with which the developers and their architects have approached the repair and conservation of key features of the building, and we strongly support the proposal to remove the canopy which destroys the original articulation between the ground and first floors. Our objections concern the design and height of the roof extension, the loss of retail space on the first floor and the impact on Ilminster Gardens.

Roof Extension: While we understand the reasons for the proposed extension on the roof, we have strong reservations about its design and its height. We would not support a pastiche Edwardian design, but nor do we agree with the somewhat-convoluted claim that the proposed design reflects features of the original building. Rather, the design and height of the extension means that it will sit uncomfortably with the restored original, and it will fundamentally alter the street scene of the retail heart of Clapham Junction, and of the Conservation Area. A single-storey extension, and/or a larger set-back from the current façade, might mitigate the damage to the street scene. We also urge that further consideration should be given to the nature and colour of the materials to be used on the face of the extension.

First floor retail space: We regret the loss of retail space on the first floor, with the consequent loss of access for the general public. We understand that there have been discussions about the possibility of restoring some facility providing general public access at least to the space on the corner of the building facing the crossroads. We strongly urge that those discussions should be continued.

Impact on Ilminster Gardens. We support the objections made by residents in Ilminster Gardens about the impact on the outlook from their properties. We understand the design constraints arising from the position of the stairwells on the Ilminster Gardens side of the original building. But we believe that more could be done to mitigate the cliff-like appearance of the roof extension on this side.

We trust that these issues will be resolved in further consultations with the developers and their architects.

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