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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 2 July 2015 at 09:49:52

1 Queen's Circus: 2015/1244

The Battersea Society wish to strongly object to this application for demolition of the existing building and approval for a replacement dwelling on Queen's Circus, which is located within the Battersea Park Conservation Area. 

The existing building, a former public convenience, forms part of the authentic entrance to the Battersea Park at Rosery Gate.  The Battersea Park Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy at the townscape map at figure 19, page 27 identifies it as a  'positive building' and  states, at 4.129,:  Importantly, on the north side of the circus is the Rosary Gate Lodge and entrance to Battersea Park which are made of Portland stone in an Arts & Crafts style and designed in the 1850s by James Pennethorne along with the park. To their right is an unusual and charming mock timber framed building which was built in 1899 as public lavatories. It is now an estate agency.  

The Conservation Area Management Strategy (2.41) goes on to state: It is Council policy to protect the buildings that make a positive contribution to the character of the conservation area and these are shown on the townscape maps in the conservation area appraisal. 

This building should therefore not be demolished but retained as a significant local building of character which adds to the street scene.  

The proposed new residential building is totally out of character with this part of the Conservation area. The new dwelling would have no garden and face straight onto a very heavily trafficked highway with high pollution levels.  

The proposed design fails to reflect in any way the original building which, although not listed, has an eccentric character for which local residents have much affection. Indeed there is little supporting material provided in favour of demolition, given the acknowledgement of the building in the Conservation Area strategy document.

Although there are other dwellings on the other side of the Circus these have the benefit of small front areas which mitigate the effect of traffic.  We consider replacing a commercial use which is suitable for this particular site with a residential unit is totally inappropriate.   

We trust that the Council will refuse this application.

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