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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 15 November 2019 at 14:13:37

CGMA Design Details, revised application 2019/2995

The Battersea Society wishes to maintain its objection to this application given that new material does nothing to alleviate our concerns about the density of the development, the lack of daylight and the size of the Linear Park. 

Density:  We note that our concerns are recognized in that the new material states that: 

The proposed density is still above the indicative London Plan Density Matrix thresholds for a site in this location, both in terms of u/ha and hr/ha. The proposals are therefore still representative of a scheme with a high density which maximises the provision of new homes while providing generous open space and a high level of residential amenity. It is therefore considered that the number of units and density proposed are appropriate to the location and nature of the development. 

We consider that the lack of daylight and the overall density does not provide ‘a high level of residential amenity’ nor ‘generous open space’. 

Daylight:  The new material merely repeats information given in other applications explaining that this is a very dense development and poor daylight levels, especially for lower floors, is to be both expected and accepted. 

Linear Park:  Some application materials refer to a Pedestrian Boulevard and this correctly describes the plans for open space within this development, and throughout Nine Elms, which is not a full recreational park in the usually accepted sense.  We remain concerned at plans to include a cycle route through what will be a very heavily used pedestrian route.  There are no areas which residents or others could use as a quiet retreat.

We note that there are areas described as ‘private garden areas’ but these are very small and could more properly be termed ‘small areas of soft landscaping adjacent to each block’, rather than gardens as such.

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