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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 11 January 2016 at 16:58:23

TfL Consultation on proposals to re-route the 436 and 452 buses

436:  The proposal is to continue this route from Vauxhall to Battersea Park Station rather than on to Paddington.  The frequency of the 36 to Paddington would be increased to compensate.   We put a number of concerns to TfL. 

Traffic congestion in Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road east of the junction with Queenstown Road
We understand that there may be a bus lane in one direction only along Nine Elms and Battersea Park Road east of the station.  Traffic is already heavy, made worse by construction traffic and lane closures.  The addition of a third bus route which will duplicate routes 156, 344 and also duplicate the NLE will exacerbate this.  

Much of the east part of Nine Elms Lane is in easy walking distance of Vauxhall bus station. 

Lack of Clarity regarding final stop
The map shows Nine Elms Lane running to Battersea Park rail station.  This is not correct, the road changes to Battersea Park Road east of the station. 

It is not clear whether the bus will stop at the south/west bound 44/137/452 stop on Queenstown Road.  If yes, it would have the merit of allowing a change to 44 for passengers going further west.  However see below. 

Lack of Service west of Battersea Park Road
The 344 is the only route offering a service from Vauxhall west of Battersea Park Station for the many people who live along or adjacent to the length of Battersea Park Road towards York Road and Falcon Road. 

The 44 is infrequent and unreliable.  If it were improved the presumed change of the 436 to a shared stop in Queenstown Road would have the merit of allowing an easy change but could still mean that passengers see a 344 sailing west at the junction with Battersea Park Road.
There is no interchange between the 344 and the 44 until the first stop after Battersea Park Station which is a significant walk during which one might miss both a 44 and a 344. 

Need for review of services west of Battersea Park Station
Given the quantity of people who already live west of Battersea Park Station and the proposed (and consented) developments in York Road there is an need for additional frequency/services to this area rather than added services along a short route already well served with two buses and, in time, the NLE.

452:e proposal is for the route to be extended along Wandsworth Road to Vauxhall and to start at Vauxhall for the return journey. 

This seems a modest and sensible alteration and one which we support.  It will, until and unless the bus station is demolished, allow safe, speedy and dry interchange with other bus routes, the underground and National Rail.