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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 5 February 2016 at 13:58:23

36 Battersea Square, 2015/7275

While the Battersea Society is broadly supportive of the development overall we have to object to this application because of the proposed roof treatment.  This is unsympathetic to its context and out of scale with its neighbours.

Ideally the height should remain as it is, but should there be a decision to allow an added storey, this should be a far simpler treatment, reflective of the straight lines of the Granary.

We support the thoughtful objections made by neighbours about the lack of privacy and potential overshadowing due to the height of the townhouses.

The comments made by the Wandsworth Conservation Area Advisory Committee have not yet been posted.  Having attended the meeting I share their opinion that an open view into the courtyard should be retained.  There was also concern expressed about the tight space for parking with entry to the courtyard needing to be at least one and ideally two car lengths off road to avoid cars holding up through traffic.

We are also concerned about the number of car spaces proposed.  Battersea Square is served by the 170 only – already heavily used at peak time with increasing use likely as Lombard and York Road buildings become occupied.  Parking is well used around the area and the lack of residential permits still allows for commuting residents, and their guests, to park during the evening and overnight.  At least one parking space should be provided for service vehicles.

There are no details of the proposed gate from Battersea Square and when these are available they should be the subject of a further planning application – with neighbours and ourselves consulted about the application.

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