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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 5 February 2018 at 12:06:19

Mixed new development 38 Havelock Terrace: 2017/7026

The Battersea Society strongly objects to the proposals as submitted for the redevelopment of this small site within the Havelock Terrace employment area on the grounds that the application is inadequate in assessing and addressing realistically the transport implications and parking requirements of the new 10-storey tower. 

We support the policy of retaining existing, and promoting new, small enterprises and the general principle of intensification of some sites as proposed in the Employment and Industry Local Plan Review (although this particular area is not highlighted). Intensification of industrial sites is also a theme of the draft London plan. But intensification cannot be at the cost of inflicting significant parking and traffic nuisance to businesses and residents in the local area 

The transport statement is weak in its coverage of private parking and deliveries. While this location has strong and, in future, enhanced public transport connections, there will surely be a growth in visitors, deliveries and servicing of the increased number of units over the current position The proposals for private parking rely on one space plus a disabled parking space - apparently for someone working in the building. Refuse will be left outside adjacent to the disabled parking bay on collection days. Ad hoc deliveries will have to park on the kerb. The Transport Plan states (5.7) boldly 'It is expected that the single yellow line in this location will be used for delivery vehicles to stop and service the development from with it (sic) being located in proximity to the development’s proposed reception area.' 

No attempt has been made to provide any drop off or delivery bay within the curtilage of the building although non service basement uses are incorporated in the proposals.  Surely some of the basement hub/meeting space might have been designated for this purpose.  

Existing adjacent companies within the area have expressed concerns that parking and access issues have not been recognised in the application. Access into and out of the site is also physically constrained by the railway lines between which the Havelock Terrace area industrial area is located. The development of Palmerston Court (about which we expressed similar concerns) will inevitably put pressures on the limited access from Battersea Park Road and this development would further exacerbate the situation. 

We consider this application should be refused and consideration given to preparing clearer guidelines for future applications in this confined industrial area, especially in terms of traffic access, deliveries and parking. This could act as an exemplar of how intensification of use might be practically implemented, without creating local problems. If not addressed, traffic and parking delays could threaten the longer term viability of companies and create difficulty in letting units; in which case the original objective of retaining and increasing local economic activity would have failed.

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