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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 5 November 2019 at 14:12:32

South London Mail Centre: Plot F and G - 2019/2325

The Battersea Society is appreciative of the help from planning officers and the applicant in relation to additional daylight information about these blocks.  Sadly this merely heightens our concerns about the density of this and other developments and the long-term effect of the low levels of daylight on residents of both affordable and market housing.  

We are concerned to see that for so many rooms even the acceptable BRE minimum of 1.5% ADF is not reached as information suggests that at below 2% ‘room looks gloomy, electric lighting needed most of the day’.  It would be good to know if any of the rooms reach 2% or above.  We are further concerned that the designing in of balconies – presumably to offset the lack of ground level amenity space – has further exacerbated the low light levels. 

We give below an extract from the daylight information provided in support of our concerns and trust that the Council will consider ways, even at this late stage, to provide housing with better daylight conditions. 

Of the 53 rooms falling short of guidance within Block F1, 39 are located along New Mill Road and 14 face into the courtyard. Two living/kitchen/dining rooms meet the BRE recommendation of 1.5% ADF for living rooms and are therefore considered acceptable. 10 of the rooms (six living rooms or living/kitchen/dining rooms, and four bedrooms) fall marginally short of guidance (by 0.1% or 0.2%), these rooms are considered acceptable given the site’s urban location and there would be no perceptible difference from the levels recommended by BRE. 27 rooms (12 living rooms or living/kitchen/dining rooms, and 15 bedrooms) would see lower levels of daylight as a function of the balcony overhead intercepting light from reaching the window below, this is common of modern residential developments and the benefits of private amenity provision are generally considered to outweigh the harm in terms of daylight. 

As such, Block F1 has been designed to make the most of the available daylight and sunlight whilst balancing the inherent challenges of any large-scale urban residential development, such as fabric-efficiency and overheating, private amenity and obstructions caused by neighbouring blocks (in this case, the close proximity of Plot E across New Mill Road).

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