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Planning Committee Submission

Added on: 16 October 2014 at 12:02:05

Comments on Lookers Site, Exhibition of Proposed Development

Height of Buildings:

Proposed as from 9 – 17 storeys.

We are surprised at proposals which breach Council policies for the height of buildings, as set out in the SSAD for this area.

Subject to this, we would commend the care taken to site the proposed buildings relative to the residential blocks along the river and the obvious care taken with sight lines

General Comments

We welcome both the continuance and increase in employment opportunities.

We like the proposal to site trees along the York Road frontage rather than small flower beds

We will consider the proposed placing of affordable housing provision once fuller details are available.  Our preference is for a mix of tenure across the development rather than in a single building – in this case on the edge of the development.

 We were concerned about the proposals for service and drop off park.  We were left unsatisfied with the explanation given and are concerned that the area identified on the rear eastern corner of the site will not be adequate and a larger area may be needed than that proposed.  There will need to be a clear access management agreement with Lookers to deal with the drop off lay by in front of the dealership.

We expressed concern about the permeability of the proposed hard landscaping and were not convinced of the merits of the argument made against permeability.

We made the point that there should be no dual cycle/pedestrian tracks across the site but rather separate facilities for each.

We welcomed the inclusion of storage units alongside the basement car park.

We noted the increasing pressure on transport and expressed doubt that even an expanded Clapham Junction would be able to cope.  Bus capacity and frequency is inadequate and traffic density will make this hard to overcome.  Wandsworth Town is already seriously overcrowded at peak times. 

We noted the need for an area wide transport assessment to be undertaken by TfL in conjunction with WBC.

Finally we thank the team for the time given to us during our visits and to the generally well informed  response to our questions.

The presence of a full team together with comprehensive exhibition boards is commendable.