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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 4 December 2017 at 12:48:35

3 Culvert Road, 2017/6012

The Battersea Society objects to the lack of detail given for changes to the design of this prominent building. 

We do not see evidence that the important caveats set out by the Wandsworth Design Review Panel, and set out below, have yet been met.  We recommend that before any decision is taken on this, or any future application, further design work be presented in the form of a Design and Access Statement, this having been reviewed by the DRP and to include further proposals for the Sports Hall. 


The Panel pointed out that for there to be a convincing case for a tower in this location it must be of exceptional architectural quality and sustainability and delivers extraordinary public benefits, as well as contributing immeasurably to improving the local area.  The Panel are confident that the architects can deliver a quality scheme in this location. Whilst we acknowledge that they are still on a journey and that many of the details of the building are still evolving they do need to push harder to achieve exemplary architectural quality and sustainability. 

The Panel strongly advise the Council to ensure that the architectural quality of the tower and the public benefits that it will deliver are sealed in to any planning permission through the appropriate legal agreements. We strongly advise that large scale drawings of architectural details of the tower be submitted as part of the application showing the relationship of the structural frame to the different components of the elevations, notably the veiled facades and vertical fins. The Panel suggest that the Council request the applicants to submit a management plan for a coherent strategy for the glazed areas of the building to be included in a legal agreement as once occupied subsequent changes internally could affect the external appearance.

We also advise that the design of the sports hall to the Harris Academy should be submitted at the same time as the tower to emphasise the link between the two. The Panel advise the Council to require details of treatment of public and private spaces to be submitted as part of a detailed application.

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