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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 7 March 2017 at 14:00:25

1-5 Gowrie Road, 2017/0631

The Battersea Society objects to these new proposals which we understand are made as part of a tender process for the purchase of this site from Wandsworth Council. 

The Council quite properly made the requirements for this site clear in the document included within the application data – notably for: 

  • A three storey building

  • An appropriately designed scheme [which] must … reflect the proportions and spatial character of the area, demonstrating a particular regard to ensuring that the scheme respects the local character and streetscape of Gowrie Road and Taybridge Road.

 It appears a somewhat odd decision to design a building to complement an undistinguished trio of modern bungalows which are themselves very likely to be redeveloped at some future stage, rather than reflect the Victorian character of the surrounding streetscape or even the good looking modern building opposite the site at 40 Taybridge Road.   

We do not object to a modern design as such but this proposal is not of sufficient merit to justify its failure to respect the surrounding area.  It is also a pity that it has not been possible to consider a wider site for re-development, to include the three bungalows. 

It is disappointing that the Council has not sought to use this site to improve the stock of social housing in the borough.  However In the absence of any decision to do this we urge the Council either to ask Languard to withdraw this application and look again at their proposals or, in the absence of Languard’s willingness to do this, seek a tender from a company or individual more willing to invest in a scheme which respects the site and its surrounding streetscape.


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