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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 3 August 2015 at 08:21:59

1 Prince of Wales Drive, 2015/3384

The Battersea Society objects most strongly to this application, the effect of which will lead to an obtrusive over-development of a plan which has already been the subject of four applications for variation of the original plans, two applications with details of approved plans and one refused application for a re-design of the extension.

The drawings and statements are insufficiently clear for lay appraisal of the proposals for further change to an important corner building in the Battersea Park Conservation Area.  There is inconsistency between documents relating to the basement, notably the reivsed basement plan: drawing-289210, plan PL_122, the proposed basement and PL_128 proposed front elevation (from street).  These drawings fail to provide a consistent statement of intent.  From these it is unclear whether a new bedroom, playroom or a cinema room is being planned and what the fenestration at basement level is to be (i.e. flat fronted or a bay window).  While it may be within the papers, we cannot find the justification for a change to the windows of the building and cannot see that this would be acceptable.

It appears to us that the reasons for the original approval of plans for this building are being undercut by proposals for continued changes to the building, of which this appears to be the most egregious.

This application should be rejected.  Ideally this continued series of changes should lead to the planning authority withdrawing their approval to the initial application and requiring the applicant to prepare a fresh application showing in full the eventual outcome they are proposing.  We appreciate that this is not possible but urge the Council to refuse this latest application.  The current application is deficient in failing to provide a clear statement of what the final development will consist of, its use of the curtilage and understandable views of the final elevations.

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