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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 10 September 2019 at 08:01:58

South London Mail site - Public Realm: 2019/2269

The Battersea Society objects to elements of this application which covers the proposals for the public realm across the whole of the former South London Mail site. Our main concern is Haines Cross  and the treatment of the landscape and  movement around blocks A , B and C1. We have already commented on these in our objections to applications 2019/2250 and 2019/2293.  We are also concerned that issues of competition between cyclists and pedestrians along the whole of the park have not yet been addressed, given that the pathway along the linear park is relatively narrow.

In the covering letter to the application, Haines Cross is described as being ‘At the juncture with Haines Street, Moat Street and the Nine Elms Park, Haines Cross forms a vibrant multiuser intersection. The multi- functional surfaced area allows vehicular access, disabled parking, cycle docking station, and drop-off provision for the school.’

The DAS section 4.8. admits that there is a potential conflict in this area stating: ‘The vehicular access route to Plots C1 and C2, [which] will cross the east-west pedestrian/cycle spine west of Haines Cross. A raised table crossing is proposed where the routes cross, to minimise pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.’ 

Given this we consider further more detailed analysis is required of forecast levels of usage from pedestrian desire lines including school traffic, cyclists, car users and delivery/service vehicles in the Haines Cross area. There is no detailed description/drawings of the pedestrian crossings (including traffic controls) other than in general terms of materials.

We have already commented that there appears to be less proposed green landscaping for this area than elsewhere along the linear park.

This is likely to be a very busy part of the former Royal Mail site. With a little more thought the various users can no doubt safely co-exist. However the current proposals do not give sufficient information to reassure us on this point and more work needs to be done.  Because of the various junctions and turns there is a potential for accidents and a diminished quality of environment for those living, working and attending school in this part of Nine Elms.

The Thames Path is just one example of unmediated competition between cyclists and pedestrians, and one which gives a sense of hazard to pedestrians as cyclists pass them on either side.  The path area of the linear park is unlikely to be a great deal wider than the Thames Path.  It is essential that either cyclists are restricted to defined areas or required to keep to a very low speed if the park is to be a pleasant area for walking and sitting.  It might be that cycling be prohibited altogether, other than for access, given the improved cycling lanes planned for Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road.

We ask, therefore, that the PAC seeks more detailed information for Haines Cross and far more detailed plans regarding the management of pedestrian and cycle traffic along the linear park before approving this element of the public realm within the South London Mail site.

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