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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 11 March 2018 at 14:32:20

6-10 Ingate Place, 2018/0544

The Battersea Society welcomes the developer’s response to earlier comments from ourselves and from the GLA and WBC teams.  This has led to a scheme revised from that shown at the exhibition but one where we still have concerns about the detail.  These relate to:

  • Loading and parking provision

  • Circulation at ground level

  • Transport

  • Time limited provision of affordable rented spaces

  • Design detail

  • Need for construction logistics plan

Loading and parking provision:  Despite the changes we consider there is too little provision on site, in particular for longer term car parking by visitors or workers.  One off-site disabled car parking space is insufficient should there be workers on site needing such facilities.

Circulation at ground level:  The indicative views of the public realm show just how circumscribed the site is, and we remain concerned about the width of the pavement and provision for visitor parking.  It also appears to show shared use by cyclists of the pavement. 

Transport:  Safe provision for pedestrians is essential given the proximity of public transport with two overground stations, Battersea Power Station NLE and local buses.  However we are not aware of any area-wide assessment of the capacity needed to meet the needs of this and other developments, given that all routes already appear heavily used at peak times.  This is a matter requiring urgent attention by both TfL and WBC.

Affordable Rental:  We welcome the commitment that a certain number of units will be available at a discounted rent.  However the reference in section 1.3 of the planning statement covering social benefits is unclear as to whether the five year discounted  period relates to the maximum length any individual business can occupy the relevant part of the building or whether all discounted space will only be available during the first five years after the development is completed. We consider it essential that provision of discounted space is a continuing feature within the building, albeit for a maximum of five years for individual concerns, and this should be a condition of any approval, subject to review after no less than ten years from opening of the space.

Design Detail:  We remain uncertain about the proposed metal surround to the upper glazing, especially at roof level. As we commented in relation to the exhibition: the upper profile might have been strengthened if the brick banding (as illustrated on the elevation on to the railway) was also used to finish the top of the front of the building. This comment still stands despite the new massing of buildings and roof terraces at higher level. 

Construction logistics plan:  Given the continuing wider pressure from construction traffic in the locality we strongly support the GLA requirement that a constructions logistics plan be prepared including conditions on hours of working and access to the site by large construction material delivery vehicles.  This is especially important given the location of Ingate Place on the curve of Queenstown Road.

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