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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 10 September 2019 at 12:28:56

Covent Garden Market Design Details: 2019/2995

The Battersea Society wishes to comment on three aspects of this application:  density, daylight levels and the size of the linear park.  We accept that the height of the buildings and their placement on the site has already been approved.

Density:  While we commend the fact that the average size of the units exceeds GLA standards we remain concerned that this, as we suspect is the rest of the Nine Elms development, is above the indicative London Plan density range. This, combined with the way in which many very tall buildings are set along the length of Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road, gives rise to our continuing concern over the long term liveability of this area.

Daylight:   It is a matter of grave concern that the daylight measures are so poor and that the applicant supports this with the statement that “Overall, the proposed residential accommodation will provide daylight and sunlight amenity commensurate with expectations for a scheme of this nature set within the dense urban fabric of Nine Elms”.  The summary set out on Page 9 of the Daylight report – and appended to this letter – supports our concern.  We do not agree that residents within London have to accept low levels of daylight in their homes.  This is becoming the case only because of the number of closely packed tall buildings now being approved, in this instance evidenced by the reference to Embassy Gardens in the daylight assessment of N0 1.  We are disappointed that Wandsworth Council seem prepared to go along with this assertion and call on them to address this as a matter of urgency.

Linear Park:  Sadly we cannot agree that this represents ‘a generous supply of public green space’ The illustration on p.12 of the Design and Access Statement) shows that this is in effect a pathway set within a canyon of very high buildings.  We have written at greater length on the linear park in our response to 2019/2722 and 2781 

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