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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 3 March 2016 at 07:59:00

Bourne Valley Wharf viewing platform: 2016/0346

The Battersea Society wish to strongly object to this proposal by Wandsworth Council for a viewing platform and pavilion at Bourne Valley Wharf. We consider it runs counter to policies DMO6 and DMO7 in that it is an unnecessary and inappropriate form of development on this stretch of the River path and could cause nuisance to local residents.

We consider that the structure proposed does not meet Riverside Development Policy DMO6a iii) in that it seems an overcomplicated solution to ameliorating the impact of the sub- station wall. There are much simpler and more attractive forms of cladding and soft landscaping which would achieve a more serviceable approach and retain more accessible open space.

Secondly the level and nature of response from local residents makes it clear that policy DMO7 a i) is unlikely to be met in that the residential amenity of occupiers of adjoining sites could be harmed.

We are surprised that this option has been pursued by the Council given the response at the public consultation which appeared to be generally a dislike of this approach amongst the public when we attended. There would clearly be management costs and issues both in relation to the physical structure and planting, but also in relation to the use of the public space created.

For the reasons set out above the application should be refused, or better still, withdrawn.

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